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We live in a fast paced complex world today, little time for self or others. With stress and high demand at work, distractions in our vehicles, radio, texting, calling, weather / road conditions.  

we are not always ready for the next step. 

Then... BANG !!!  what to do? Be prepared, Now! 

Please don't wait, get to know the professional that can help.  The years of experience they have is priceless. 

youarehurt.com was created to have resources in a moment. Or in advance also to refine and structure legal / home affairs.


Wills, Real Estate, Health, Life, Disability & Auto insurance,



My goal is to educate before the need arises then to have True Professionals available for assistance with clients' needs first.


September 2014 I was rear ended by a hit and run driver.

I took pictures while the truck was still behind me, plate too.

The at-fault insurance only paid a small amount.

My insurance Co. stopped my PIP with an internal doctor I never saw.

I continue with medical claims on my case with benefits cut. 

My life changed, Pain / Discomfort should not be part of life.


For so many it is with financial difficulties / stress / mental health.

Lets work together, we pay premiums for little benefit.

Never assume, yours or the at-fault insurance will pay any or all of the claims for auto, medical, rehabilitation, lost wages and more.

educate yourself Today and pass this information on.

life is too important and so are you. Don't live hurt. 

Thosands of people have been shorted by insurance company bullies I have as well.

 YOU Paid... for protection PIP- Bodily Injury - collision, dont let INSURANCE Companys keep your premium dollars you have service and medical needs.  

Let me have have your story?

We all need to expose these white collar bullying crimes.


 Jeanette and I have Performed together for 15 years.

In front of over 60,000 combined mostly together.

before I was hit .